Pragmatic leadership
for software product teams

Delivering quality software products isn’t magic. It’s all about setting your teams up for success and focusing on what matters.

Technical leadership

Building software is hard, but don’t let that stop you.

Telling developers what to code is the most expensive way of building a software product.

Mapping estimates on a timeline is the best way to create the most brittle plans.

Yet it’s precisely what most of us do.

There’s a lot of talk about self-organizing teams and long-term roadmaps. But we don’t talk enough about how to get there.

Focus and plans

Plans are the lifeblood of software development.

A good plan puts teams in a position where they can make and keep promises.

A plan is not an upfront attempt at predicting the future but an iterative feedback system that helps us optimally allocate the team’s limited resources.

Without a plan, we’re just building stuff.

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