Pair Planning

Planning agile software delivery is hard. 

All of us can say what we’re building this sprint. And maybe the next.

But reliable long-term planning seems to be a pipe dream.

Would you like to plan ahead and do what you say you would do?

Do you have a hard time answering the “When?” questions?

Would you like to have flexible long-term plans that change because you want to, not because you’re forced to?

During the Pair Planning program, I join you for a bi-weekly planning session and help you optimize your process to be more predictable.

  • We’ll install feedback mechanisms to build the right habits.
  • We’ll clean up and reorganize your current plans to be more realistic.
  • We’ll decide what to focus on and measure that focus level over time.
  • We’ll create a short-term backlog and a long-term roadmap together.

I’ll apply my 15 years of experience to your current situation and help you build the habit of pragmatic yet reliable planning.

Developers have pair programming; tech leaders deserve pair planning.