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Freelance Software Builder

Agile Software Builder

Software development is the art of turning vague and complicated problems into the simplest working solution. It requires a broad set of skills from problem definition to solution delivery. In an industry that likes profiles and boxes, I prefer to be the all-rounder, the generalist. Developer, project manager, team lead, scrum master, whatever you want to label it : I build stuff and help companies deliver better software.

A freelancer is not an ad-interim employee, but an outsider with a fresh perspective who applies his experience and knowledge to new problems.


Java Developer

Vast experience in Java development with a keen interest in SpringBoot

Project Management

PRINCE 2 certified, agile team leader, experienced with small and big teams.

Agile Leader

Scrum Master, agile afficionado. All about fast pragmatic software develivery.


Fascinated by the web and it's technology. While my professional experience has mainly been in Java, I'm totally on board the React - Redux hype train at the moment. NoSQL, Amazon Web Services, NodeJS, Sympfony, ... I'm no specialist, but I know a thing or two...

Interested in Start-up culture and new things in general. Passionate about travelling and hardcore CoderDojo Junkie!

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