Software Delivery Expert

Software is eating the world. The future is digital.

These are as cliché as they are true.

The internet has changed the way we do business. It has touched every company, from the marketing department to the factory floor. And it’s only getting started.

How we build software, and the type of software we build have also changed. Higher complexity, more demands, and ever-changing technologies. Faster and more agile delivery.

Digital transformation is accepting that your business is becoming a software company. That changes the way we work. We tend to focus on technical complexity and frameworks, but the real challenge in software development is human interaction. What is the role of leadership in a software company? How will you prepare your business for the coming decade?

In my career, I’ve been a software developer and a project manager. I’ve helped build complex back-ends, and I’ve led teams of 20+ people. Over those years, I’ve learned that all companies struggle with building great software. The main hurdle is rarely technical. It’s not about a lack of talent or incompetent management. It’s about having a clear vision and communicating this to your team. It’s about knowing where to go and then only doing that.

How we build something seems clear. There are plenty of vendors who’ve got that covered. But what to build and why are the better questions. And while only you can answer those, I can help you formulate them.

As a Software Delivery Expert, I help you take control of your software development.