Where are the techies?

Our leadership is behind. Technology is moving too fast to keep up. 

We see companies fail to adopt vital technologies and waste their resources on meaningless blockchain pilots. Leadership seems to be lacking technological vision. Where are the techies? 

Most people associate developers with nerdy stereotypes because that’s how we position them. We still hire geeks without people skills. We still keep them away from the general population. We let them play with their new toys and watch the adults leave the industry.

We are not turning them into the next leaders.

There’s hardly any software developers in upper management. In the C-suite of your company. In parliament.

In an age where tech is changing the world, that should be worrisome. Yet we don’t seem to care. 

While our hotel chains are being run by MBA types, their customers are stolen by Airbnb. Their margins are cut by Booking.com.

Bankers might discuss the possibilities of cryptocurrencies, but they don’t take the threat of an online bank seriously.

We have insurance providers, utility companies and telcos who are adamant that they’ll never be replaced by an app. That’s a huge blind spot.

If you are part of the leadership of a modern-day company and you don’t have technical visionaries in your board, you are in trouble.

Reach out to the techies in your network and prepare them to take up leadership. 

Today, every company is a software company.

Start acting like one.