Agile is not a religious cult.

We don’t have High Priests that preach our dogmas.

We don’t quote wisdom from books that everyone pretends to have read.

To become one of us you don’t have to accept the Truth and be ordained during a certification tribunal.

We don’t call our congregations “ceremonies”.

It’s not that deviant thoughts are reported and squashed by the Post-It Police.

It’s not like we have an Old Testament that specifically claims to be about software development and then gets vaguely interpreted by wise men to include “Business Agility (whatever-that-may-be)”.

We don’t ridicule non-believers.

It’s not a system based on guilt. When things go wrong, we don’t claim it’s your fault because you just aren’t doing it right. We don’t tell people they are not worthy and have not reached True Scrum yet.

It’s not like somewhere out there someone is making obscene amounts of money on the back of the struggling and the misinformed.

No. Not us. That’s not what we do. That would be a religious cult.