Developer shortage reaches peak!

Our industry is in danger! We cannot seem to find the right people to fill all our tech vacancies. There has never been a worse time for hiring the right talent.

We just can’t seem to find developers that

…have the exact amount of arbitrary years of experience we request.
…have worked with the overly detailed list of tools we’ve written down.
…don’t mind commuting 2h a day to our interruption factory.
…like working in oversized teams with huge overhead.
…that can cope with our meeting culture.
…that speak our mother tongue.
…that prefer to spend 40h in our office vs wasting time with their kids.
…that agree with us that the salary we’re offering is “market rate”.
…that feel 1 paid training day per year is adequate.
…that just happen to live in a 40km radius of our office.
…that have at least a Bachelor in Computer Science.
…that love to play along with our arbitrary deadlines.
…that don’t mind tarnishing their resume by working with some outdated framework we bought.
…that are happy when we pick the tools for their job.
…that agree that starting at 10AM is flexibility.
…that don’t need more than 15 holidays.
…that love churning out feature after feature without ownership.
…that are available right now.

All the talent is taken. There is nothing we can do except for offering a €250 voucher for the right referral.


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