Clock punching 101

Most wage slaves work 40 hours per week. Entrepreneurs do at least 70. Lazy part-timers can only perform for 20 hours, while social media influencers squeeze out 169. France wants to introduce a 32-hour workweek and Jeff Bezos wants to invent another workday just to get more done.

Why are we so obsessed with the time we spend at our desk?

Employees have a contract that states the exact amount of milliseconds they are supposed to be on-site. Not productive, though. Just present.

Freelancers bill by the hour and give a detailed timesheet of what they did with that time.

On-site worker hide their Facebook page when the manager is around.

Remote workers make sure they signal their activities all the time. They don’t want their boss to think they’re slacking.

But here is the unspoken truth : nobody is productive for 8-hours a day.

Not every day. Not most of the time. You don’t give your 120% that morning after the football game. You’re not blazing when it’s a boring project. Yet the time tracker on your JIRA ticket doesn’t care. We use man-hours as a metric for productivity, but agree that it’s a shitty one.

Do we really have nothing better? Is a punch clock really your best tool?

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